Scaling on R&D effectively – Key practices to increase company Synergy and smash your goals

On the 27th of September Hyperion in partnership with Play’N Go and ScrumDay Malta held up a meetup Foundations for innovation.

Many companies place great visions and goals and pursue them but then fail to meet their deadlines and sometimes drop a project altogether. The need to go to market and deliver results is a constant race against the clock.

The lecture highlighted important points such as:
- key success factors for an R&D project
- how to transform product & development synergies
- how to identify barriers to success and eliminate them on the go
- how to take product ownership to the next level with these 3 simple actions

How Innovation is done at Play’n GO

Magnus Olsson, Head of Sales in Play’n GO, Spoke about the Innovation process they believe in.

In the lecture three main aspects were highlighted about the work process in Play’n GO. How to combine quality, energy and trust into the workflow and at the same time keep it simple.