Evolving into blockchain-guidance to developers

On the 18th of September Hyperion in partnership with Ideasoft held up a meetup that gathered more than 120 enthusiasts interested in Blockchain technologies!

Blockchain is at its Peak and continues rising over the last 3 years yet still many questions remain unanswered.

What difficulties can a developer face while building a governmental project? How to launch an ICO for an existing project? Cybersecurity and blockchain, how to keep your project secure?

Our experienced speakers tried to get answers to these questions.

Making Blockchain real for business

Vladislav Polikarpov, CTO in Ideasoft, provided detailed instructions on how to make Blockchain real for business. After his report, the audience improved their understanding of when and how to implement Blockchain technology into a project.

Blockchain development – between innovation and regulation

In his last example, German spoke about regulating Blockchain applications and protecting personal data.

Cyber security cases and practices

The second speaker, German Stogniev from Ideasoft, extended Vladislav’s idea and shared interesting and challenging cases in Blockchain development.

It was especially interesting to hear about peculiarities of working on blockchain projects in collaboration with governmental institutions.

The After Party was great

All speakers answered questions from the participants and the audience enjoyed a networking session. We are already getting ready for our next event so stay tuned!