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Scrum Master

We are looking for a Scrum Master to join our dedicated team!


  • 1+ years of experience working with Scrum Methodology and Agile principles;
  • Good leadership and communication skills;
  • Strong understanding of the software development life cycle;
  • Advanced English knowledge.


  • Work with Product Owner and Dev Team members to learn and practice healthy backlog grooming and prioritization practices;
  • Support the execution and improvement of backlog grooming;
  • Assist in dependency management and cross team coordination;
  • Act as a buffer between external distractions to minimize disruptions;
  • Assist in the coordination of operational issues resolution;
  • Facilitate team development, mediates conflicts, protecting the team, and encourages healthy team dynamics;
  • Encourage team’s responsibility, self-accountability, transparency and self-organization;
  • Introduce and encourage team to explore healthy Agile development practices, focus on quality and technical excellence, predictable and continuous delivery;
  • Encourage and support a balanced backlog that delivers valuable features for customers, reduce technical debt, provide business value, and enable product sustainability;
  • Help team to develop, capture, and analyze metrics to facilitate team’s improvements;
  • Promote transparency through healthy communications and data integrity.

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