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About us

Hyperion Tech is a dedicated IT teams company for mid and long-term projects, founded in 2017 and based in Malta with R&D center in Ukraine.

The main specialization of the company is Web development for iGaming and Fintech industry. Agile methodology development allows providing the best result for enterprise customers while maintaining flexibility, full involvement in the project, and the absence of bureaucracy in the processes.

Our company wants to provide the best service for our customers & the best conditions for our team! We employ skilled Scrum Masters to set up a friendly and nurturing environment for all our current and future colleagues to shine as high-performing professionals and to feel great and comfortable at work. We have small and efficient teams, where each developer and QA communicates closely with the product's founder and is directly involved in its creation and development.

We organize events for our community and try to make a contribution to its development. Our company offers resources our employees need for their development:
- internal autotesting courses with regular support by high-level specialist;
- knowledge sharing by Scrum framework;
- English course, including internal Speaking Club.

We have the opportunity to work remotely and/or work from the office in Kharkiv.



to disrupt the traditional IT market by bringing a lean and agile approach to the entire service flow with simple and clear costs and performance focused cycles.



empowering enterprises to innovate with scalable dedicated teams and seamless friction free integration.



to become an influential partner of fast growing companies and ambitious enterprises and lead their path to innovation.

Our Team's DNA

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In a collaborative project, communication means everything. Our teams are always in direct touch with you the customer – working together seamlessly to ensure the project remains on track.

You always get to communicate directly with your team. The greatest results come when all parts of the team can work together without any buffers, intermediaries or division – our interests and yours are one!

Having good developers is important but being proactive is essential in order to achieve real progress.

All team members are chosen based not only on their technical skills but also on how passionate and engaged they are in the vision and goals of the client. Only the most proactive members will be onboarded.

A united team will always achieve more than the sum of their individual efforts combined.

All of our developers are selected for their ability to work in a team. Great developers with a proactive approach only makes 2 building blocks of our core values. Being able to work as a unified team makes the real difference between winning and losing!

How does it work

You get a team of dedicated superstars, working exclusively for you. This is how we select our members.

We draft the required skills for your team members, based on your needs


We interview all candidates to check for proactiveness and teamwork skills


Only candidates that fit our core values make it into the team


Your team is ready to go

Featured Success story


Hyperion Tech &
Catena Media

Catena Media is an industry leader in online lead generation for the iGaming and fintech sectors. Their goal is to become the world’s number-one provider of high-value online leads and they are well set to achieve it.

Hyperion provides passionate dedicated teams that bring a holistic approach and deep understanding of Catena’s goals. Since 2017, a great partnership between the two companies had produced amazing results and we are only getting started!

What's different about us

We’ll put the ideal team together for you, comprised of highly experienced software developers, within 3 to 5 weeks, depending on your specific skill set requirements. The pool of talent that we have access to consists of over 25,000 developers in the Kharkiv region alone, across a variety of technologies, from the most common to more exotic frameworks.

Clear pricing model

High level of attention to your project

Streamlined hiring and retention of top talents

Minimal bureaucracy

Industry Focus report

Hyperion Tech conducted a survey of the leading blockchain companies in Ukraine.

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We are always happy to share our knowledge. That's why we are proud to present the
Hyperion Blockchain Academy!

We are here to educate the next generation of blockchain developers and position Ukraine as a preferred location for sourcing the best blockchain unicorns.

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